I have already mentioned that I specialize on Joomla Design. There is a number of significant reasons for that. Today I would like to discuss one of them. This may sound as advertising, but I do not care too much about it. One of the greatest advantages of using Joomla is that it is a dynamic and developing technology. lets take its upgrade for instance. With the new version of the software I, as a designer, get a lot of new opportunities while crafting my Joomla 1.5 Templates. Besides they are smaller and have advanced functionality. Some of my clients are reluctant to purchase them and would prefer older versions (also because they are much cheaper), but I constantly advice them to stick to the progress. Taking Joomla 1.5 Templates today will help them avoid falling behind their competitors tomorrow.


Some years ago I have noticed that I am beginning to lose my Christmas spirit. Usually this happens close to Christmas Eve. Of course, I understand that this is the only time for Christmas spirit, but somehow I can have it in other times of the year, but don’t feel it in December. Sometimes, when I make Joomla Christmas Templates I really do have Christmas spirit, but this usually happens either long before or long after Christmas Eve. At the same time if I will be making those Joomla Christmas Templates on Christmas I would definitely feel miserable, because I have to work on Christmas eve. What an irony of fate =)

All of us have some preferences in everything. Some people like tea with sugar, others without and the third group prefers coffee. For example I like dark colors in web-design. That is why most of my works are dark or even black. Joomla Template of my dream has a black background with blue or red fire as main elements of the site. At the same time many of my clients prefer soft pastel colors without any bright elements. This is another thing I like about my job: I will never be able to stick to one style, diversity is an important part of my job, because everyone has his personal Joomla Template of his dreams.

As I have mentioned before, I am a web designer and specialize on Joomla Technology. The question arises: why I do so? Well I could of course do lots of types of templates besides Joomla Themes, but that would make me an ordinary web-designer. And there are thousands (or maybe even hundreds of ordinary web-designers). What makes me special is that I specialize on a particular technology (in my case Joomla Themes creation) and do it better than ordinary designers can even dream of, besides I do it quicker and in many cases cheaper. At the same time, my product has many different application options, so there is no problem with clients.

Hi all. As I have already mentioned in the heading of this blog that I am the Master of Joomla Templates. This may sound as boasting, but I really have a significant experience in web-design. I have started working 8 years ago and began as a small time designer in a tiny company. My first tasks were on making PSD images for future web-sites. At that time I knew nearly nothing on programming and stuff like that, but I learnt, learnt and learnt. Finally in several years I have become a really web-designer. I have left that company and moved to another town for a better job. There I started working with Joomla Templates. I liked my job, but I needed some space to grow so I have decided to become a freelancer. This was not easy, but this is a horse of a completely different color.
Today I still make Joomla Templates like the one on the image below (this one is not mine, though).

Joomla Templates